Raspberry Mine

My patron has graciously allowed me to share the commissioned poem I mentioned. Without further ado:


Raspberry Mine

A raspberry in a thicket danced a merry bobbing dance

I, with two fingers thus, plucked it quick, that I might have

The red pleasure upon my lips, the taste sweeter as it bruised

And rolled it upturned on my palm until its hollow welled with juice.


Sweet berry, soft jewel there among the prickly, tattered brakes

Not green to hide, but crimson bright, too honest far to fake

To camouflage and disaffect and pretend at being sour

Even though a green berry would much longer survive its flower


Raspberry mine, to my delight, you showed yourself to me

Your purpose sure to please my mouth, to draw me near to thee

Berry, I may crush you, break you, pull you slow apart

But every appetite you feed brings you closer to my heart.